Partial and Complete Dentures

If you are missing one or more teeth, you are probably feeling self-conscious about your smile. What’s more, you might be having issues eating properly and speaking clearly. Dentures have been one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth for many years. But unlike the fake-looking square-toothed dentures of yesterday, today’s modern dentures look more natural and feel more comfortable than ever before.

Whether you need full or partial dentures to replace one or more missing teeth, you might be surprised to learn that dentures can be a great option to give you back your quality of life.

Talk to Dr. Roy Chun at Oasis Dental about the affordability and convenience of dentures for replacing one or more missing teeth.

Convenient Tooth Replacement with Dentures

Dentures are a removable replacement device for missing teeth. Also called false teeth, they have been the top replacement option for missing teeth for many years, and they remain popular because they are affordable and effective. Whether you need to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your upper and/or lower teeth, dentures can do so with reliable results.

Although dentures might have a reputation for being ill-fitting and uncomfortable with a propensity for moving around, today’s dentures are more comfortable than ever. They fit better well, and they can provide wearers with a natural-looking smile as well as the ability to chew foods properly. If you have been self-conscious about your missing teeth, you'll be glad to know that dentures will also restore your ability to smile, eat, and laugh confidently. If you have been avoiding certain foods because chewing was difficult, dentures will enable you to eat many of your favorite foods once again.

Missing Teeth Replacement with Full Arches

If you are missing all of your upper or lower teeth, or if you are completely edentulous, your dentist might recommend that you get full dentures. Full dentures rest directly on the gums and rely on pastes and adhesives to stay in place. Full dentures are completely removable.

Getting full dentures requires that all of your teeth be extracted, and there will be a healing time of approximately 12 weeks before your gums are ready for your permanent set of dentures. During the healing process, you will receive a set of temporary dentures to wear in the meantime.

Single and Multiple Missing Teeth Replacement with Partial Dentures

You might be a good candidate for partial dentures if you are missing just one or a few teeth. These will be practically undetectable because they will be made to look like your existing teeth. Partial dentures will give you back your ability to chew properly, and they will also protect your remaining teeth by filling in the gaps left by missing teeth. Most partial dentures will clip into place but can be easily removed for cleaning.

Don’t let missing teeth negatively impact your quality of life. Find out what your options are and if full or partial dentures are right for you. Schedule a consultation for tooth replacement with Dr. Chun at Oasis Dental.