My teeth feel fine. Why do I need to see a dentist for a cleaning?

Even if you brush and floss every day, it might not be enough to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque and bacteria can build up in places that you have missed even with the most conscientious home care.

Coming in for a professional dental cleaning every six months allows us to remove hard deposits that have built up, keeping your teeth clean and healthy. We can also monitor your teeth and gums to ensure that any areas of concern can be treated early when treatment is less invasive and less expensive.

Patient Testimonial:Ruth Herrera

Ruth Herrera has been a patient since the beginning of this year and says, "Dr Chun and staff do excellent work" Read More

Patient Testimonial:Antonio Robles

Antonio has been a patient since 2013. He says, "Estoy muy agusto con el Dr Chun, es una persona muy capaz, amable y humana. Al igual que su personalen la ... Read More

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